RC Stealth Speed Boat: A Real Big Boys Toy

SpeedBoatIf high-speed racing boats zooming across the lake’s surface fascinate you, but you can’t afford to rent, much more to buy just to fulfill your fantasy of driving one, well you can always satisfy your dream by playing this real big boy’s toy – the RC Stealth Speed Boat. Measuring about 2.5 feet long, this ultra fast stealth speed boat is capable of high speeds of up to 30 km/h and allows you to enjoy high speed boating fun for up to 30 minutes. Pretty short, huh? But you can always have it recharged for four hours and let it speed away in swimming pools, ponds, or lakes again.

However, if you are thinking about letting your son play it in your bathtub, better stop there unless you want to completely waterlog the entire bathroom. With its twin motors and range of up to 30 meters, it’s more advisable to use it outdoors like in lakes and ponds. Now, with regards to safety, this tech toy is designed with propellers that automatically shut-off when you take it from the water and start-up once you put it in the water. So no need to worry if it’s your little boy there who will play it. And to maneuver it, you just have to use the twin toggle transmitter, which is very easy to operate.

For even more fun, why don’t you join RC boat racing events near your area? It’s not difficult at all to get started in, and if the competition is still at lower levels, it is not that expensive either. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this RC Stealth Speed Boat now!

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