Radiopaq’s iPod Sound Jacket Promises to Enhance the Audio Quality of your MP3s

The difference is so clear; you won’t listen to music without it.

That is the tagline used by Radiopaq to promote the newest addition to their Intelligent Audio product range – Sound Jacket.


Designed for use with the 4th generation iPod Nano, the Sound Jacket utilizes Radiopaq’s Intelligent Audio Technology to significantly enhance the audio quality of MP3 music tracks by up to 60%. It acts like a Graphic Equalizer (EQ), but one that automatically adjusts itself continuously to best suit the music that is being played. This eliminates the distortion that can sometimes result from a static EQ setting, and reveals hidden detail in the music that is lost during MP3 compression.

Offering a number of audio improvements including extra warmth and bass when needed, and an expanded sound stage which makes tracks “come alive”, this audio gadget is compatible with either headphones or a standard iPod compatible dock. This device doesn’t require any charging as well because it gets power directly from the iPod, which means up to more than 12 hours of continuous listening.

If you’re not satisfied by the sound output of your 4th Gen iPod Nano, then you need to have the iPod Sound Jacket. At £69.99 ($113), you’ll surely enjoy music as it should be.

If you’re also in search for iPod speakers, you can visit this website.

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