Quickshifter Multi-Tool

QUICKSHIFTERquickshifter2Doing DIY is always fun. It starts with the idea of creation process to solve the problem that you have stumbled upon. Feeling mister handyman know it all, you search through the internet the best DIY solution and then off to the builder’s depot. After buying all the things you need, would you still use your technology backward set of all the screw drivers and tools that looks like a 128 colors crayon kit? Definitely not!

For a modern man who needs a modern and terrific solution to accomplish your DIY projects in no time. The Quickshifter is really what it is named for. It has 6 interchangeable heads that you can preload with all the tools that you might need before you even use them. So by the time you need to change your screwdriver from phillips to a flat head, you don’t even have to get away from where you are working at. Powered by an internal Ni-Cad rechargeable battery, this multi-tool can be used for an hour if fully charged ready to spin the head to a blazing speed of 150rpm at either forward or reverse! This very handy device also has a LED torch light so that you can work even in dark areas without even reaching for a flash light.

The creator of this device definitely have thought that doing some manual labor isn’t just a guy’s job anymore because aside from grey, the Quickshifter is also available in pink!

Buy one for yourself here and move your DIY capabilities up a higher gear!

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