Put your Pedal on the Metal the Eco Friendly Way with Hybrid2 System

hybrid bike
Hitting two birds with one stone might not be the best saying for an eco warrior but it would be the best way to describe the genius behind the concept Hybrid2 bike rental system. The idea is simple yet ingenious. First, rent a hybrid bicycle then the bike will generate and store kinetic energy while in use. Second, return the bike in a designated special station, which in turn will transfer the “collected” energy to the city grid. This means cleaner air, less traffic congestion, good exercise and best of all credits to your next bus pass – for going places beyond your stamina to pedal your way through.
hybrid bike stationVisionary and designer Chiyu Chen and his regenerative bicycle braking system called “Hybrake” are the core of this system. Hybrake gathers kinetic energy generated from cycling and braking then saves it in an ultra capacitor. The more you use the bike the more credits you’ll be given to use on other forms of public transportation. These credits will be stored in your personal ID cards to be used as bus passes.

Solar powered bike stands with RFID card readers for locking and unlocking bikes also envisioned by the inventor. A single bike may not be a  significant contribution to the grid as to light a bulb, but imagine a green city with a fleet of Hybrid2 system. The whole design forms a smart grid offering clean and renewable if not a bit tiring source of energy.

Now, if you want to have your own hybrid bike, you can always find a great selection here.

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