Put a Stop to Drunk Driving – TMC and Hino Motors Advanced Breathalyzer

breathalyzerDon’t drink and drive and don’t ride with anyone who has too much to drink. In an effort to reduce drunk driving and driving under the influence of alcohol related accidents, Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors developed some really strict car tech to protect the drivers. The breath-alcohol ignition-interlock system is a joint project undergoing continuous testing to aid companies and organization in management of their fleet of buses, trucks and land transportation vehicles.

The testing includes real world applications like the drivers taking self-breath tests prior to and after driving a vehicle. The results are automatically logged into the vehicle digital tachograph which is later checked by the fleet administrator for verification.

The system works by using a hand-held device that has both a sensitive breathalyzer capable of detecting minute alcohol in breath samples and a digital camera for taking the drivers identification. If the test result comes out positive, depending on the alcohol level, the system will either issue a warning or lock the vehicle’s ignition. The driver will then have to contact the fleet administrator for safety instructions and further orders. This new system generally helps prevent driver under the influence of alcohol and in an intoxicated state from operating or using the vehicle.breath testing

The intervention and follow up actions to be given out by the fleet administrator will add an extra precaution against the possibility of alcohol related traffic accidents. While this technology isn’t out in the open market yet, we can be proactive by using personal breath tester like this before driving. Get one at GeekieStore.

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