pureSilicon Rugged Renegade R2 Solid State Drive – Who’s Your Daddy

Solid State Drives are the next big thing in data storage and they will still be just the “next big thing” if they don’t get cheaper any time soon. SSDs are generally fast, reliable and energy efficient but they do come in a hefty price. But if you really need to get one and you’re looking for extreme durability and performance, consider the new pureSilicon Rugged Renegade R2 Solid State Drive.
If you’re wondering about the Rugged Renegade part, just take a look at this device’s slim low-profile jagged form. You’ll understand why Rambo would like a lady’s man as compared to this drive’s hard-anodized aluminum unibody. These drives may not be standard military issues but they are definitely military grade (MIL-STD-810F); going as far as releasing an encrypted version with proprietary SiPher data security. The Rugged Renegade lives up to its name as it can operate in intense environment where heat, vibration, and humidity render other regular drives next to useless.

The R2 SSDs come in 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants with SATA II configuration. Next year, an additional 256GB in PATA setup could be expected. Out read and out write the competition with speeds of 255MB/s for sequential read and 180MB/s for sequential write. This storage gadget is designed to be fast and is benchmarked with random read 18,000 IOPS at 4K and random write: 1,200 IOPS at 4K. All of those are reached using only an average power of less than a watt.

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