Pump Up the Volume and More with Griffin PowerMate

Isn’t it annoying when you still have to reach on your computer mouse just to adjust the volume of your laptop or desktop computer while listening to your playlist? And that’s even more annoying if you are in the middle of listening to your favorite MP3 and then your computer mouse suddenly go bonkers while trying to pump up the volume. Okay, so do you need an ultimate solution for this? Take note: it’s not about changing your computer mouse so you can easily scroll on that volume. But it’s about having a whole new gadget that can pump up the volume and more. And that’s simply about this coolest volume knob known as Griffin PowerMate.
The Griffin PowerMate looks like a solid volume knob that is pulled off right off your home stereo. Made of high-quality machined aluminum, the PowerMate is a USB peripheral that functions mainly as a convenient volume knob and mute button; that way it will be a lot easier for you to adjust the volume for your listening pleasure. But apart from that, it also functions as your very own jog/shuttle wheel. Now, editing movies can be done in a breeze because it can easily be spun to scroll through footage and pushed to cut out unwanted pieces and edit points. Plus, it can be programmed so you can also use it like your ordinary mouse to scroll through long MS Word files and save them.

There’s really a lot to like about the Griffin Powermate. So, if you want to pump up the volume and more, get the Griffin Technology PowerMate 1040-PMT USB Multimedia Controller and Input Device (Aluminum, PC/Mac) at Amazon.com now!

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