PSP2 – Too Good to be True?

The dust surrounding the release of Sony’s new handheld console, PSPGo, hasn’t settled in yet when a possible sneak peak of its heir, PSP2, stirred another maelstrom. Eurogamer Spain claimed to have gained in possession hardware information and specifications on the next PSP generation console. The revelation was astounding and maybe faced with either raise eyebrows for the skeptic or drooling mouths for the expecting fans. The difference in specifications and expected performance between the leading handheld consoles and the upcoming is by a long haul. Based on the information disclosed by Eurogamer Spain, the next generation handheld should be more powerful than XBOX. Considering that the PSP2 is handheld and XBOX is a true console, this is no easy feat.
PSP2PSP2 is said to be harnessing the power of a quad-core Imagination Technology’s PowerVR SGX543MP processor. Appropriately codenamed “Hydra”, this little behemoth is capable of processing 133 million polygons per second and will be supporting OpenGL 2.0 and DX10. Another juicy tip is that PSP2 will be using Deferred Rendering technology found in SEGA Dreamcast. It uses a unique architecture wherein complex geometry is made by ignoring rendering of objects that will be eventually masked in the final picture.

However regarding accessories, backward product compatibilities may be an issue as it was hinted that the future PSP2 may be using a connector different from the present PSP’s mini-USB. Sony as expected made no comments on the abovementioned information as they set focus on the upcoming PSPGo launch.

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