Procrastinate Procrastinate Procrastinate with the Man Flu Rescue Kit.

man fluThe Swine Flu virus or better known as A(H1N1) virus according to WHO is a relatively new virus that is unstoppable due to the sheer number of infected persons. However, not every man has the ability to play nurse on himself if he has a flu or even when he just feels sick so there is this Man Flu Rescue Kit.

The Man Flu Rescue Kit comes with 3 relief items that can help you in one way or another. First is the Chill Pack which is an instant cooling pad for when you have fever or when you want to get steam off your head when your girlfriend nags you. Putting this chill pack in the fridge for 15 minutes would be enough to make it cool enough to provide instant relief from flu or your girlfriend. Second is the Sick Notes. The sick notes is a pad that contains several things that you may have such as fever, colds, flu or whatever. It also some list of things that you might need such as a blanket or even some soup. So when you cannot really say what you want to say, just get your sick notes pad and just tick away. The last one in the Man Flu Rescue Kit is the thermometer. This forehead thermometer can measure your temperature within just 15 seconds so you know when you have to say “this is just a fever” from “please take me to the hospital”.

Thinking about it, this just makes me wonder whether a girlfriend is some sort of an epidemic too.

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