Precision Spoon Scale

Spoon_1You might be the kind of person who is very much into the nitty gritty details of everything. You can say so if watching the Lifestyle Channel makes you feel queasy when they approximate stuffs by using phrases like “a cup or so” or “a pinch of this” or even when they say ” a little sprinkle of..”. That might sound exaggerated but that could be you! If want to get precise even to the last decimal on things including cooking, then this precision spoon scale is the perfect item to fill that 65.465% of uneasiness when you cook!

Forget following recipes that uses volumetric measurements like cup, tablespoon, teaspoon etc. Rather, use gram or ounce measurements to get things more precise. The spoon is capable of measuring .1g  to 300g or that’s .005 to 10.5oz. Just turn on the device, scoop up the ingredient and voila. It instantly measures how much is on the spoon up to the last decimal it can! In case that you are following a not-so-scientific measurements, then the spoon has also calibrations for tablespoons and teaspoon. For real, this item can be used for making that perfect barbecue sauce that you seem to hit and miss every now and then. Having this item in your kitchen, you can record every detail that get’s in to your sauce.

Be precise and measure salt, sugar etc like to 10^-4oz with the ProScale Kitchen Spoon.

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