Power Up with Toshiba Dynario

dynarioGet your mobile devices high with meth. No not that illegal meth, the other meth. Methanol is a simple alcohol that is relatively easy, stable and safe to handle and store. Due to its high power and energy density, methanol can be used to power proton-exchange fuel cells. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells or DMFC’s may not be the most efficient alternative energy source out there but it can store large amounts of energy and deliver it in small amounts over an extensive period of time. This makes it ideal for portable electronics use.

Japan’s Toshiba took advantage of the science behind methanol and DMFC and produced Dynario – an external power pack for portable gadgets with a special refueling cartridge. Like any clean energy source, this device has zero harmful emissions. Unlike portable solar panels, the Dynario can be used indoors and in dark areas. This palm sized portable charger can be used to power up to 2 mobiles on a single refill of the cartridge. It works by using chemical reaction between methanol and ambient oxygen in the fuel to produce electricity. The process is so fast that it can be used just after 20 seconds after refilling.
dynario charger
Using concentrated methanol and advanced fuel cell technology, Toshiba is able to reduce their first DMFC into a compact portable charging device. Dynario also features an integrated microcomputer to regulate power output and a lithium ion battery to store produced electricity. Sadly, this device is limited to 3,000 units for now but you can click here for more product updates.

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