Popping Your Cork Has Never Been Easier with the Deluxe Electrical Corkscrew

Geez! Are you nervous about throwing that big Christmas party in your home this coming Friday? Quite understandable since hosting a party entails a lot of preparation and work. Of course, you need to consider a lot of things: house decors, entertainment and sounds, foods, and drinks.

Everything must fall into place to make your party a success. So, the best thing that you can do is to have gadgets around your home to make everything a lot easier for you. No problem with your home entertainment gadgets because they’re already around for some time. But with your kitchen gadgets, perhaps you still need a little help there. Here’s one that can help you open those bottles in seconds – the Deluxe Electrical Corkscrew.

How to use it? First, you have to remove the foil from the bottle using the foil cutter included in the package. Then, to remove the cork from the bottle, you need to press one button and another to release it from the corkscrew. That easy! It’s electrical, so once fully charged, you can expect it to open approximately 40 bottles in just a few minutes.

So, no more worries about having to spend a lot of your time unscrewing those bottles. With the Deluxe Electrical Corkscrew, popping your cork has never been easier. And hey, it makes a great table decor too. It’s finished in a black soft touch coating and features a cool charging and operating light.

Interested to buy this home kitchen gadget? Click here.

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