Pop Open the Fun With Veho 360 Speakers

veho 360Portable speakers come in different array of shapes and sizes. Some comes in as weird as the bomb-shaped speakers that were featured here on Geekie some few posts back or as futuristic as those that were suited for iPods.

This, is a new twist to something old – expandable speakers. The Veho 360 pops open to make the sounds coming from its mouse like speakers squeaks to deliver a lion’s roar that can continue for 7 hours! The internal battery is charged every time it is plugged in a USB port which is very much common nowadays. Aside from working with standard 3.5mm music player jacks, it can also work with various proprietary connections of cellphones like mini USB for some HTC devices, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung ports.

You might ask “how small is this that we are talking about anyway?”. This portable speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands or 5×3.5cm and 5×5.5cm when fully extended. That extra 2cm of resonance space makes all the difference. I can definitely recommend this thing to be an important add-on in your laptop bag when your laptop doesn’t really pack a punch in the sound department or for presentations that need some sounds on or in your school bag to impress your friends on how techie you are having such a small speakers for its loud sound.

The Veho 360 is rated at 2.4W which is even more powerful than my 2W speakers built in my Samsung LCD monitor. Get yours here.

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