poolPOD – Your Amphibious Speaker

Glug! Glug! Glug! That will probably the sound of a drowning speaker if by any chance somebody decided it is smart to throw an ordinary speaker to a swimming pool. In the name of all that is all electronic, if you want great music “on” the pool when having it just by the poolside doesn’t cut it, get a poolPOD Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker. The poolPod is a wireless, floating and waterproof speaker that you can take with you to enjoy great music when swimming or just having one cool pool party. You can get pretty creative with this product by putting in a couple of poolPOD on your swimming pool during a party. And with your music player, you can be your very own poolside DJ.poolPod

The poolPod’s futuristic design looks like an Empire scout drone distant cousin and having it bob up and down the pool while playing your favorite music is oddly cool. Thanks to its good bass and sharp treble, the speaker doesn’t sound like a drowning or wet electronics when it is floating on the pool. The great thing about this gadget is that it is a wireless speaker, even with all the pool activities of splashing and swimming, your actual music player is dry and safe on the poolside. The product has a 900 MHz base station and is bundled with an audio cable and AC adapter.

For $81.41 you can take your music with you on the pool. Check more about the Audio Unlimited PoolPOD 900Mhz Wireless Floating Waterproof Speaker here.

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  1. I purchased a pool pod which worked great for one month. The sound on the speaker is low and muffled. I am very unhappy with this product, would not recommend and am more upset no one will answer me about this issue.

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