Plug and Get Connected with Home Theater Internet Connection Kit

Netgear Home Theater Internet Connection KitThe idea of setting up your own home network with high speed internet access for your home gadgets is totally cool. Except for the part where you have to run the cables and wires, drill holes and sort which port is which. There is a way to do things easier, almost plug and play easier. Using Netgearā€™s latest networking solution, the Home Theater Internet Connection Kit (XAVB1004), you can easily expand your home network.

The device works by turning any of your home electrical wiring and outlet into a high-speed internet and home network connection. Your devices like home theaters, PC, laptops and game consoles can now enjoy fast internet access without the hassle of running new wires and cables all over the house. This 2-part system is relatively easy to set up. Just connect up to 4 Ethernet enabled devices to the XAV1004 and use the XAV101 on the other end to connect to your home router thus completing the network. The network connection is surprisingly fast; at speeds of 200 Mbps you can experience smooth transfer rates and even easily stream and watch HD videos.
The Powerline AV adapter with Ethernet switch uses Port-based Quality of Service; this means you can plug devices requiring more bandwidth to high priority ports and other low priority devices to the other ports. Other features of this device include LED indicators, 128-bit AES data encryption and HomePlug AV compatibility.

Check this link for other information about Home Theater Internet Connection Kit and more networking solutions.

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