Play Some Fun Tunes with the Musical Ruler

musicalrulerIsn’t it fun to do work or a project while playing some tunes on the side? Just imagine if your work or project requires measuring from time to time and there is nothing to keep the mood upbeat while you do it. It could be so boring, right? So, to keep the boredom away, why not play some fun tunes while measuring with this Musical Ruler?

Designed with printed finger markings and note positions, the Musical Ruler makes a great little musical device, while serving its main function as a plastic ruler. To play some classical or pop tunes, all you have to do is to slide it up towards the edge of the desk, alter the note, and that’s it. If you’re musically inclined, you will surely have fun using this device while you complete your work or project.

Now, going back to its primary function that is to measure things and draw straight lines, this Musical Ruler should be one of the staple items that your desk or work area should have. Although often times, rulers are used by students, the Musical Ruler is also fit for professionals as it goes above and beyond its primary function. With the instructional guide that it includes, you can easily learn how to play tunes using the device. You’ll see, in no time, you’ll be an accomplished ruler player and fill up your boredom with some fun tunes while at work.

The Musical Ruler may seem unnecessary for some, but for you whose work requires a lot of measuring and drawing, then this is the perfect gadget for you. Have fun while working with this musical measuring device. Buy one here now!

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