Play Football – NERF Style with Nerf Vortex Howler

It’s touchdown time! Nerf Vortex Howler gives you the ultimate football experience with awesome performance and cool whistling sound like no other football.

NERF (an acronym for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam) was initially introduced as an indoor-safe ball by Parker Brothers in 1969. With simple beginnings forty years ago as an orange foam ball, now, NERF is not only a key player in action based performance toys but also transcends the toy aisle as a lifestyle brand for kids and adults alike. And here’s another addition to their sports items – the NERF Vortex Howler. nerf vortex howler

The NERF Vortex is a foam US-style football with a large tailfin. The idea is you throw it through the air like a US football player and listen to the sound effects produced by the three separate whistles strategically mounted inside its main body. The long tail connected to the main body allows the Vortex Howler to spiral flawlessly through the air. It will allow throwing novices to reach excellent distances and near perfect flight paths.

A supremely portable park or beach plaything, this cool gadget is made from tough material, durable enough for outdoor use, but also soft enough for easy catches. Its durable material has no effect on its weight, meaning, it can be easily packed into a backpack or bag. What’s more, the NERF Vortex Howler also boasts an extremely reasonable price tag. So why don’t you get it here right now and make the simple game of throw and catch more interesting with sight and sound.

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