Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card – Feel Like a DJ Anytime, Anywhere

Are you impressed at how real DJs spice up their set by mixing it up a bit with a technique called scratching? plastinkuzz_dj_scratch_cardDoes the scratching noise fascinate you? And do you ever see yourself scratching like a DJ to impress and get the crowd pumped up? If you say yes to all these, then here’s a perfect geek toy for you – the Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card.

Created by Russian Design Studio Art Lebedev (creator of the Optimus Maximus keyboard), this Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card allows you to carry a turntable in your pocket or in your wallet, ready to be used in case of impromptu scratching. To produce that authentic turntable scratching sound, all you have to do is to run your fingernail across the card’s color surface just like what DJs do in a real turntable.

Now, if you will notice, this DJ scratch card has a turntable that looks as if it’s floating above the card’s surface. So, what makes this possible? It’s the lenticular technology that gives it a 3-D look. And, that makes it even more impressive, aside from the scratching noise that it allows you to create.

So, who says real DJs are the only ones capable of doing this scratch thing? Even if you are not a pro, this Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card will sure bring out that DJ in you. As long as you have that inclination for music, this portable geek toy will make you feel like a DJ anytime, anywhere.

Buy one now! Or better yet buy two to get the complete set of decks. It’s available for $3.99 each at

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