Piggyback a Pico Projector on the LG eXpo

340x_lgexpoNeed a new smartphone that can keep up with your business needs and allow flexibility for applications, games and even multimedia? Then the newest from LG named eXpo is set to meet your expectations.

The LG eXpo is a new phone heading towards AT&T equipped with the latest Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 as its operating system which is a relief rather than having a featurephone OS. Having windows mobile on board means that you can view and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations wherever you go. You also have the liberty to install different applications ranging from making your phone into a flashlight to a group messaging device. Games too won’t be a problem since there are a lot intended for Windows Mobile and the Java capability expands the possibilities even further. The eXpo has a big 3.2 inch screen with 16M colors, a slide out keyboard for long e-mails and faster typing, and 5.0 megapixel camera to capture moments that matter most. A 1GHz processor keeps this baby working which is the first in the US making this phone probably one of the fastest in the market coupled with 7.2mbps HSPA capability making webpages render fast.

The biggest thing that this device could showcase is the ability to have a pico projector connected on its back for on the spot presentations that you can make with projection distance of up to 8 feet. Imagine editing your presentation on your phone and presenting it a few minutes later right on the same device. That could make a difference from closing a deal with potential partners and saying bye-bye to that Christmas wish list. The eXpo will sell on December 7 for $199.99 after mail-in rebates on a 2-year contract and the projector will sell for $179.99 separately.

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