Piano Lessons Made Easy with Easy Piano

When I tried to learn playing the piano, I learned two things. One, I don’t get along well with piano lesson teachers and two, the grand piano has a lifetime indebting price tag in case you decided to include it in one of your not-so-constructive pranks. When I saw the Easy Piano for Nintendo DS light, my interest to learn once again how to play the piano and loosen up my musical fingers rekindled.
Easy Piano with Keyboard peripheral
The Easy Piano is an educational game published by Game Life and distributed by Namco Bandai. Using the special 8-note full-octave keyboard peripheral for DS, players can experience an almost perfect piano simulation. The game offers different modes of game play starting with the tutorial that includes lessons on proper finger movements for beginners. The play along mode lets users choose from two difficulties and 40 musical tracks ranging from the way old school to Christmas rhythms. Players don’t only have at their disposal a full musical octave using the keyboard peripheral but three octave ranges as well.

Isn’t that great to discover for yourself the wonder of playing piano and how you eventually improve your skills on it? You can even record four of your compositions with a length of 3 minutes each. Of course, all you need is practice and let loose the musician inside you. On the other hand, if you already know how to play the piano and are all set to hear your performance, you can directly record it. Additionally, once you polished working on one hand, adding a second hand to recording is possible.

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