Photoshop Photo Frame: The First Ever Analog Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are the ideal way to free your growing photo collections from your computer. Digital photo frames are the perfect way of showing all your digital photos taken with your digital camera. They are packed with functionality – from viewing your photos in a slideshow with accompanying music, to watching your latest home video clips.

Digital photo frames make good gifts as well. Just cram them full of pictures of the kids and voila, you have a fine present for the in-laws that look pricey and personal. But why is it that many of us haven’t picked one up for ourselves? Probably because we can’t justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a screen that does a task our computers and cell phones are perfectly capable of performing.c889_image_photo_frameThat logic doesn’t hold for the image.jpg photo frame though. Touted as the first ever analog digital photo frame, the image.jpg photo frame appeals to gadget fans by having a Mac software window silk-screened onto it, and it appeals to traditionalists since it’s a regular old photo frame. It is made of high quality wood and it holds a 4.75-inch by 3.75-inch photo.

At just $25 from, the image.jpg photo frame is a perfect holiday gift. It comes with a sheet of paper in the frame to represent the transparent background in Photoshop, and a pressboard kickstand-style stand.

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