Photo Sharing Made Easier with eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame

Gone are the days when photo sharing means placing the photos in albums and bringing them from place to place. Back then, everyone’s contented to flip on those albums and reprint the photos if they’d like to have a copy. But now, things are a whole lot different. With the advent of digital technology, sharing your photos is made easier. Digital picture frames, for one, are widely available so you can put your collection of photos and even create a slideshow for the viewing pleasure of everyone. These cool gadgets have truly gained popularity over the years. And now, they even revolutionized photo sharing more just like this eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame.
The eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame is not your ordinary photo frame. It’s actually the newest version of eStarling that supports 802.11n. With speeds of up to 150Mbit/s and a range of 230 ft, this 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame really works better. Not only that, now it features a 10.2″ Touchscreen so it would be a lot easier for you to navigate those photos. It is even designed with unique split screen, allowing your photos to be presented in 4×3 dimension while other information such as time and date and weather reports are shown in small windows. And if you wish to shoot a short video of your kids’ silly moments using your iPhone and share it to their grandpa via the eStarling frame, you can always do so since it very much supports connected video.

These Wifi PhotoFrame’s unique specifications are really something to look forward to. So, when you decide to get a digital photo frame, make sure it’s an eStarling frame. Check out these amazing eStarling Wifi Digital Photo Frames at Amazon!

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  1. I have 2 of these digital photo frames and i am pleased with them, alhough they are not made by this company they are some pretty cool gadgets and i reccomend them if you are undecided about what to get for christmas.

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