Philips HF3490 Light Alarm Clock Also Charges your iPhone or iPod

Alarm clocks get us up in the morning, and they are supremely effective. Unfortunately, they will get us up regardless of how much sleep we have gotten, and whether or not we are fully rested as they make a loud sound. Well, that would be a thing of the past because from now on, waking up will be a pleasant experience – thanks to Philips Wake-up Light.
This Wake-up Light will wake you up in a natural way – by light that gradually increases in 30 minutes before your set wake up time. Light falls on your eyes and positively affects your energy hormones, preparing your body to wake up. And because sensitivity to light differs a lot for every person, the light intensity of the Wake-up Light can be set up to 300 Lux, to make sure you’ll wake up to the light intensity that suits best to your personal preference.

The Wake-up Light will also wake you up to your favorite sounds as it comes with 4 natural and pleasant wake-up sounds and an FM radio. Choose from morning birds in the forest, a relaxing beep, the sounds of the African jungle, or soft chimes in the wind. The gradually increasing sound makes the wake up process more pleasant because you are never rudely woken up.

If you want to wake up to the songs stored in your iPhone or iPod, you can also do that because the Wake-up Light comes with a docking station. Naturally, your iPod or iPhone will be charged when it is in the docking station. The Wake-up Light will also drift you to sleep with its dusk simulation feature that gradually dims light and sound.

Get the Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light with Dock for iPod at Amazon.

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