PHILIPS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse: Provides All-Day Comfort and Full-Freedom While Navigating Your Notebook

If you use your notebook a lot, then for sure you know how important a computer mouse is. It is a very effective way to navigate onscreen, unlike if you just rely on your touch pad to access those files and click through them one after another. Although your notebook’s touch pad eliminates the need for added accessory such as your mouse, wait until your fingers start to get sweaty while you are working on a report or a presentation. That would be so uncomfortable, right? So, before you get annoyed further, treat yourself to a new computer mouse that provides all-day comfort and full-freedom such as the PHILIPS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse.

philips_bluetooth_mouseDesigned primarily for easy navigation of web pages, spreadsheets, and other digital files, the Philips Bluetooth Notebook Mouse lets you scroll through lengthy documents without the need to install extra software. It features a 360°TouchControl™, so even while relaxing on the sofa or on your bed, you can still have full control of your notebook.

And take note, it works even without a surface. How is that possible? Well, this Bluetooth mouse is designed with a touch sensor that gives you all the freedom to move the cursor in all directions. Just put your finger on the sensor, and you can already navigate faster through 360 degrees with more seamless cursor movements. And whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, you can expect this device to provide you with all-day comfort that you need.

Now, when the power is already low, the low battery indicator lights up. Simply take out the charging cable that is stored inside the mouse, plug it in to your notebook, and off you go to another rounds of navigating and clicking.

So, don’t let those sweaty fingers get the fun out of using your notebook! Treat yourself with this full-freedom mouse. Or, check out more Philips SPM mouse here!

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