Philips’ GoGear Ariaz and GoGear Opus

Philips has just launched two new PMPs in their GoGear line-up: the GoGear Ariaz and the GoGear Opus. Though not relatively chic as the GoGear Luxe, which captured the hearts of women around the world, and with the absence of a touchscreen display, the GoGear Ariaz and the GoGear Opus are welcome additions to the GoGear family.


The GoGear Ariaz is a bit smaller than GoGear Opus. The latter comes with a bigger 2.8-inch LCD display while the GoGear Ariaz comes with a 2-inch LCD display. Aside from their LCD display differences, they are also quite different when you’re talking about storage capacities because Opus is offered in 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB options, while Ariaz is available from 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB only.


The GoGear Opus is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity making it a good choice for wireless headphones and BBC iPlayer support. Whereas the GoGear Ariaz is integrated with an FM tuner. Both models support MP3, WMA, AAC audio, MPEG4 SP, WMV9 videos and JPEG image formats and can do voice recording as well.

Music lovers, you still have one month to save up for these drool-worthy gadgets. The GoGear Ariaz and Opus will be available in Europe this April with a starting price of $100 for GoGear Ariaz and $126 for GoGear Opus. But if you want to test drive the GoGear line, warm up with an existing GoGear model.

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