Pertelian Display V5 – Your Mini Information Butler

pertelian display V5Hardcore gamers, office workaholics and 3D artists can get much immersed on what they are doing; whether it is beating the living daylights out of your (in-game) opponents or just beating a deadline. Sometimes they get too absorbed in their monitor that they forget other things to watch out for other than that incoming missile fire or new color palette.

The new Pertelian External LCD Display V5 personal assistant for monitor can help keep tab of other important onscreen information like new e-mails, time, game server status and even stocks. This nifty gadget comes in the form of a small backlit LCD display that plugs into any USB port via attached 6′ cable. The Hitachi HD44780 based LCD can display 20 columns by 4 lines of text with font size 5×7 dots. The LCD is very readable even in dim conditions thanks to the Electroluminescent light green backlight.

The Pertelian’s screen shows nuggets of information while the user works busily on the main screen. This latest V5 model has an added capability of displaying updated eBay auctions, GameFire for PC game server status information, live IRC chat and newest posts on your preferred online forums. Programmers can even make custom-made applications for the Pertelian V5. Other features include Multi Time Zone Digital Clock and Stop Clock. This gadget also displays and supports POP email, multimedia applications, RSS feed, Real-Time information on network bandwidth, weather and stocks, system information and the list can go on and on.

Don’t want to miss information while you focus on your work or play? Get a Pertelian Display V5 now.

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