Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Vestal Surveyor Watch

If your father is still wearing that old 10-year-old watch, it is time to replace it with a timepiece that speaks volumes about a man’s style and taste. Let your father know that you appreciate the time he took to raise you with values. With this Vestal Surveyor Watch, your father will remember you every time he checks the time.


The Vestal Surveyor is the latest model coming from Vestal Watches. Encased in both a vintage vibe and a futuristic feel, this chronograph is a sleek addition to the realm of watch-making. Its all-black face gobbles up light, emphasizing its sleek, and stainless steel case with a multi-level hydraulically stamped dial. It features a large, round face with a 24-hour sub-dial and it offers an option for either a linked bracelet or an elegant leather strap.

Vestal collections are more than just timepieces indeed – they are accessories that compliment the energy and personal sensibilities of not just the music-inspired but any individual. The quality of Vestal watches is amazing and gets many awards in the fashion world. Every style is designed perfectly. This Vestal Surveyor Watch would really make your Daddy happy this Father’s Day. Find some great deals on the Vestal Surveyor right here.

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