Parrot Speechio


Parrot sure knows how to put a new spin on old concepts. You’ve heard of digital photo frames before right? You know, those electronic devices that can store thousands of your photographs and showcase it “digitally” for the world to see? Well now they’re putting Wi-Fi in our picture frames. And not just Wi-Fi, the Parrot Speechio will also support Bluetooth and that new technology called NFC (Near Field Communication). Add the mini-USB port and SD card reader, and you’ve got yourself the picture frame of the future (plus it doubles as a mirror!).

Yes, it looks simple enough that when it’s turned off you’d mistake it for an ordinary mirror. Actually, the simple minimalist design by Martin Szekely gives this device an air of elegance that could brighten up just about any room. But don’t let that exterior fool you, traditional as it may look, Speechio has a plethora of cool features available for the avid shutterbug.

With the Wi-Fi connection, this device can receive and display pictures sent by anyone you know. Even those photos uploaded from photo sharing sites like Flickr can be easily received as long as you’re online. The Bluetooth connectivity allows mobile phones or any similar device to transfer photos directly to the frame. And here’s the best part, the new NFC technology would eventually cut the waiting time thereby allowing you to receive images immediately on your Speechio. This will probably be the product’s top-selling point as soon as it is released in the market: Convenience and speed right at your fingertips.

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