Panasonic Drops Price on 103-Inch Plasma

Good news for those who have been eyeing the $69,999.95 price tag of this 103-inch Plasma and wishing it would drop down to the price of a mid-range car – just low enough to get one in your house. Yes, because the gigantic 1080 display from Panasonic will now be priced at $50,000 – where it was priced at $69,999.95 when it debuted in December 2006.


This world’s largest Plasma TV delivers smooth, crisp motion images ideal for the fast pace of sports, action movies, and video games, truly making it and its 7-1/2ft. By 4 ft. of viewing space the ultimate home theater experience. It can support up to a 5 x 5 video wall and also provide new video processing capabilities to further sharpen images when displaying low resolution content, or when zooming the image in video wall applications. Its portrait zoom function lets you display one horizontal image across three vertically-mounted 103-inch plasmas for an incredibly impactful visuals of over 90 square feet.

So what made Panasonic decide to reduce the price of this world’s largest Plasma commercially available when its features [I think] are just right for its original price? The President of Panasonic Professional Display Company, Andrew Nelkin, said that the combination of advancements in Plasma production technology and the tremendous worldwide success of the 103-inch Plasma HD display over the last two plus years have made the company decide to increase production and offer it to a wider range of customers at a lower price point.

How about you, do you think it’s worth the price? If you do, then get it here. Or you may just stumble upon plasma bargains over at Hotsilo.

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