Panasonic Denko’s Quick Power Dry FJ-T13V1-W Promises Dry Hands in Just 2-3 Seconds

The sight of a hand dryer in the everyday bathroom at work, at school, and out in public is very common these days. This modern device is among the many green gadgets used not only to provide convenience to its users but also to help the environment. This eliminates the use of paper towels, which are turned into large amount of waste after they are used. This is also very easy to use and is proven to dry hands in a minute with just a simple motion. But why settle on a device that dry hands in 60 seconds or more if there is one that can do it in as short as 2 to 3 seconds? Introducing the Quick Power Dry FJ-T13V1-W!
Claimed as the “industry fastest” hand dryer by Panasonic Denko, the Quick Power Dry FJ-T13V1-W outsmarted the Dyson’s Airblade that dries hands in 12 seconds despite 400MPH blasts of air while the former boasts only 280MPH but dries hands in 2-3 seconds. So, if you think there’s no escaping the dank confines of public toilets in seconds, now you can easily do so with this wall-mountable FJ-T13V1-W hand dryer installed.

The benefits of having a hand dryer installed in public toilets should really not be ignored. Now, if you are thinking about installing one for your home or office, you can always check out these hand dryer options. These come in a wide selection together with nail dryers and hair dryers, so feel free to choose one that suits your needs.

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