Palm Pre


A few years back, Palm revolutionized the way we use smartphones and how we manage our life using a very efficient personal information management. Now, after years of waiting, Palm introduced another innovation with their Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre is dubbed as Palm’s last hope to make a comeback in the very competitive smartphone market as their Treo smartphones are quickly losing against the competitors. Their latest  Treo Pro is based on Windows Mobile thus making it not much of a news-maker though its great aesthetics can be commended. Palm’s Pre is the first to have the new Palm webOS operating system that is something that is at par of its competitors if not ahead and is capable of multitasking, very nice looking and very fast too!

The Palm Pre has 802.11b / g WiFi, integrated GPS, 3.1 inch 320×480 HVGA display, physical qwerty keyboard that is similar to their Treo line, POP and IMAP email, 3 megapixel camera with LED flash, ambient sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, WiFi, bluetooth, 8gb of user storage and compatibility with the new Palm Touchstone charging dock.

The Palm Touchstone charger is another innovation that came along with the release of the Pre as it is something developed for a technology that is relatively new. Though a separate purchase of a back cover for Touchstone use is needed, it would still be a nice accessory to have.

The effect of Palm releasing the new operating system and smartphone is immediately felt as Palm shares went up 35 percent closing at $4.45.

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