Palm Nova at CES 2009?

palmIt is very much rumored that the company that paved the way for mobile computing way way back and suffered market share loss from its competitors is making a comeback this 2009.

Palm, a company based in Sunnyvale, California has long been left by its competitors due to its lackluster hardware on its smartphones and its very much outdated operating system as compared to the RIM’s BlackBerry, HTC and other phone manufacturers’ flashy user interface.

But hope is near according to some since the new OS that people have been waiting for from Palm is set to be due this January at CES 2009 along with major hardware upgrades that will come along with it.

The new operating system is said to target the “fat middle” which is in between the business side of smartphones and the multimedia side to basically to have the best of both worlds.

This could be the make or break point for Palm as it have only a few quarters of operating money left in the bank according to BusinessWeek and with the not so encouraging economic outlook, they might have to show off something very great to turn things around.

The latest device that Palm released is based on the Windows Mobile platform.

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