OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig – Shooting Videos With Your iPhone Made Possible

The iPhone is among the top selling entertainment gadgets in the world today, no doubt about that. Since it offers extensive features like MP3 player, camera, navigator, PDA, sensors, and a 3.5-inch multi-touch display screen, a lot of people come to love this very portable device. With just a fingertip, they can already play music, make a call, and switch through applications, which is a lot better than buying two or more gadgets just to enjoy all these features. But what about shooting videos?

Good question you’ve got there. Indeed, a lot of iPhone users are dissatisfied about its ability to shoot videos. With its inferior lenses and a mic that’s always pointed towards the floor, who would not be? Good thing, Apple came up with a solution to this dilemma. It’s called the OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig.

The main feature of this device is its anodized aluminum case that improves your iPhone camera with upgraded wide angle lens and mini boom mic. Just nestle your iPhone inside the included silicone case and start shooting videos of your baby’s first steps, your little boy’s first bike ride, your partner’s silly face, or your own wacky moments. You can even add camera accessories on it by simply using the shoe mount on top or mount it to a tripod using the four screw mounts so you can also be in the action.

So, still using your videocam to shoot videos? Why not use your iPhone now and pair it with the OWLE iPhone Video/Video Rig? It’s available for only $129.99.

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