Out to Ordinary Audio Recorder, In to Livescribe 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen

If you’re still using an ordinary audio recorder, especially the one using a cassette tape, well you can start saying 2gbpulsesmartpengoodbye to that. Although it may have a sentimental value to you, nowadays you can find tech gadgets that can provide you with better audio recording features. One of which is the Livescribe 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen.

The 2GB Pulse Smartpen by Livescribe can be used mainly to record audio during interviews, hearings, and other important events. However, unlike ordinary audio recorder, this one allows you to record over 200 hours of audio and even link it to what you write. So, if you missed something, you can easily tap on your drawings or notes with the Smartpen’s tip to go back to what was being said while you were busy writing.

Now, you might ask, “Do I need to lug to my laptop to record audio?” The answer is no. The 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen automatically records everything as you write and draw. But you have to take note that it works only with Livescribe dot paper, which is included in the package. After writing down your notes, you can transfer and organize them to your computer, and even search for words within them. In seconds, you’ll find what you need.

Want to share what you recorded? You can always do so. Simply convert your notes and recorded audio into interactive movies, upload them online, and voila – everyone can see and hear them in no time.

With all these great features of Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen (APA-00002), will you still settle on your old audio recorder? Switch now!

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  1. This pen is truly revolutionary, if that is not too much hyperbole. The uses for students and business people are huge.
    Totally agree with the review, stunning product.

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