Operation: Crash


Admit it, sometimes you just want to be lost in the chaos. Look at your well-organized desk and the neat placement of each object, doesn’t that bother you sometimes? Yeah, me too.

Enter Takumi Crash, the zaniest calculator in the face of the planet today. Each key has been carefully constructed so as to make the whole thing unfriendly to users. You’d think they hired an infant to design the lay-out but clearly, this set-up wasn’t enough. Amidst that mash-up, if you still manage to punch in some numbers, then Crash would do the hard job of crashing for you. The moment you want to get the answers to your numerical query, it will crash.

Yes, that’s the way it functions. And yes, the main purpose of the device is to crash. It crashes all the time and it will crash again and again like a nasty glitch, and if in some case of crazy coincidence you made it work like a normal calculator would— then it’s unfortunate because you may have broken the device.

OK now, the big question is: Who would want this? I’m not really sure. But so far, the Takumi Crash which comes in three different colors and sells for $60 has been sold-out completely. I’m not kidding.

Eventually, the joke will get old and you’ll see yourself with a broken calculator and $60 short. But admit it, you do want to buy this calculator. The promise of guaranteed chaos is just too hard to resist. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

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