Olive 4HD is a Hi-Fi Music Server

Olive’s pricey Opus No. 4 has been updated, and while you’ll easily recognize the looks, this new slab will be called by its new name: 4HD. opus04_black_front_smallWith a proprietary DAC featuring Texas Instruments’ best-of-breed BurrBrown 1792A 192Khz/24-bit DAC, optimized circuit design, HD quality digital sound, ultra-quiet hard drives and passive cooling to eliminate fan noise, the Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server delivers the best possible HD hi-fi audio experience. Your music will be reproduced in the same 24-bit, golden master quality captured in the original studio recording session. And to eliminate the need for a PC, Olive incorporated all the functionality you need in the 4HD Hi-Fi Server. Now you can store your music, manage your collection and even burn CDs. All that in high fidelity! You can also turn your TV into an oversized color navigation display – thanks to the HDMI interface. It sports a 4.3″ high-resolution wide-screen color display with touch screen functionality.

The 4HD also stands out and fits in! Place the Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Server in a traditional stereo system and you will make the rest of the components a bit jealous. Designed to fit in perfectly, the footprint will allow it to be stacked on top of traditional receivers. As expected, a gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11n WiFi module are both included in order to get your machine on the home network and a free iPhone / iPod touch application is available to give you full control via your handheld. The problem? It costs $1,999!

Well, in case you can’t afford the 4HD, you can always find other Hi-Fi music system at Amazon.

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