Office with No Boundaries – PlanOn “office-in-a-pocket” with DocuPen and PrintStik

penLike John Rambo with his trusty serrated combat knife and compound bow, one must be equipped with the right tools to survive the wilds. But in the untamed business world, exploding arrows will get you nowhere except at the wrong end of the law. After all, in this kind of urban jungle, the pen is mightier than a sword. The new PlanOn “office-in-a-pocket” solution is the perfect gadget for those who are always on the go, or for those who don’t want to be caught off guard in business deal. This mobile office is comprised of the DocuPen full-page scanner and PrintStik full-page printer; both just about fourth the size of your laptop. The combination DocuPen scanner for capturing content or input and PrintStik mobile printer for output and paper - equals one flawless tag team of portable office product.

Planon DocuPen, despite its small size, produces high quality scans and accurate imaging using scanning capabilities of up to 600 dpi and Crystal Line Contact technology. It has bright OLED screen that displays most of the scanner’s functions and information. To bring out the best out of each other, the DocuPen has a photocopy like function that can send scanned images directly to the PrintStik to be printed.

Planon PrintStik is the world’s smallest full-paged mobile Bluetooth Printer with self contained 20-sheet paper cartridge. It also supports other mobile devices like the Blackberry and WinMobile smart phone by means of Bluetooth connectivity.

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