Now It’s Just A Tube


I’m sure you’ve all heard the latest in the world of internet phenomena. YouTube has sold out. Finally announcing to the world that they’re a Hulu-wannabe, YouTube will just be plain old Tube.

Well no they’re not really changing their name. You knew that. They just have to make money. It’s not enough that Google itself is already worth a bajillion dollars, our well-loved video-sharing site still has to reap in pennies of its own. The result? A premium paid service for those who wish to view movies and TV shows. So no more freebies for us, coz the station giants and movie distributors will be hacking it off the freebie site. In the bag, they already have the likes of MGM, Sony, BBC, CBS, and, is that you?

We’ll definitely see a design revamp, just so people will be tempted to shell out money to see some goodies. With this set-up, how are we going to see more of Susan Boyle?

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