Nokia Sports Nano Breathe Technology

We thought the future of phones would have hologramic images, can find your car keys for you, can tell you where to go in the world, heck maybe even pop open a bottle of soda. Who would have thought that the future mobile phones can actually diagnose a disease?


Nokia introduces a device that comes with Nano Breathe technology. How does this work? Well this phone contains a chip that detects gases like carbon dioxide and ammonia. When you breathe into it, the chip tabulates the gas densities in your breath. It then matches the results with some characterizing diseases. And within seconds, voila! You’ll find out you’re suffering from acute halitosis! How neat is that?

According to Nokia and the creators of the chip, Applied Nanodetectors Ltd, their device can detect asthma, diabetes, and even food poisoning. So when you’re foaming in the mouth after eating rotten squid, make sure you breathe into your phone first before calling 9-1-1.

So are mobile phones out to replace our friendly neighborhood doctor? With this one, it’s highly plausible.

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