Nokia Booklet Netbook

nokia bookletJust when I thought that Nokia is a company that concentrates on the cellphone market where it is strong at as shown by its mammoth phone sales that seems to be on a war path, it has diversified on the computer market with (not surprisingly) a netbook. It is not new that a company strong in its field diversify to conquer other greener pastures. Just like what Apple did when it ventured into the smartphone market even though Apple is prominent in the computers and music player market, smartphones is a related field. With Nokia, they went after netbooks since these are shifting towards dependence on mobile internet through 3G networks which Nokia conveniently is a player with their 3G phones.

Then what does a Nokia netbook made of? Since it hasn’t been announced (wait until Nokia World 09 on Sept 2), limited information is out regarding its specification. But here is all that is known. It sports a 10-inch high definition glass screen, Intel Atom processor, built-in A-GPS that works with Ovi Maps, HDMI port, WiFi, 3G/HSPA module option, SD card reader, front facing camera, and whopping 12 hours of battery life! It weighs 2.75lbs (just a little over a kilo) and is around 2 centimeters thin. If you thought of the OS, it runs on Windows but no word is out on which type.

Nokia’s move to venture in the fast growing netbook market might be a good move though it will depend on their newest baby’s performance. But knowing Nokia, they could probably pick some “coins” on their deep pockets and do a huge marketing campaign. Keep posted here on Geekie for the latest on the Nokia Booklet.

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