Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition – In Case You End Up in Land of the Lost

Getting lost is one of the traveler’s worst nightmares, second only to a bad sense of direction. For those who seem to always mix up their West from their East or keep missing their next interstate exits, what they need is a trusty navigator. Rather than employing one like they do in World Rally Championship, just get the new Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition. It features the latest version of Ovi Maps for entire US and Canada. It is pre-installed and loaded with a lifetime license of drive and walk voice-guided navigation. Users may also update and add maps from more than 180 other countries for free using Nokia Map Loader anytime. Those same features require for subscription on the non-Navigation Edition 5800.
OVI Maps for mobile is a unique application that features instantaneous turn-by-turn navigation for both automobiles and pedestrians. The Navigation Edition’s maps and the ability to search addresses and calculate routes are hard coded into the device. This is in contrast with other navigation devices which require a steady mobile data connectivity to perform the same feat. The integrated OVI Map allows users to use the navigation system even in areas with no data or network connectivity.

When on the road, the mobile phone acts as a full-featured navigator which offers enhanced safety solutions like speed limit and speed camera alerts as well as almost real-time traffic updates on traffic conditions. When taking a hike, the phone gives easy to follow directions and routes that range to one-way streets and through parks, pathways, and other shortcuts.

Find the right way and get the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition here.

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