No need for matches and lighters with the new Light My Fire Firesteel

The new Light My Fire Firesteel is the newest device that the Swedish Defence Department has come up with. Similar to the vintage process of striking a match by the side of a matchbox, striking your thumb by the wheel of a lighter, or just opening a tiny canister that makes up the actual lighter, the Firesteel, just by the name of it, lights a fire.

127689However, one of the things that is so special about it is the process in which the fire is produced. Two sticks made of steel are struck, and it produces a spark with a temperature of 3000 degrees celsius.

The Firesteel is made to be used outdoors, but it can also be used indoors for other purposes, such as lighting your fireplace. It is used initially by a lot of armies from different countries, but it found its way  to the heart of the common individual.

Other than the army, it is also being used by hunters, campers, fishermen, and survival experts.

The success of this amazing device comes from its durability and strength. It lasts up to a maximum of 12 000 strikes. It can also be used no matter the condition of the weather: snow, rain, intense heat. It can even be used when wet. To make it personalized, it can even be stamped with a custom logo. Other than lighting a fire, the spark it produces can even serve as an emergency signal.


It comes in Scout (with a maximum of 3000 sparks) and Army (with a maximum of 12 000 sparks).

You may avail of this device at this website.

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