No More “Better Late Than Never” with Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

neverlateexecutivealarmclockSay goodbye to saying “Better late than never” whenever you arrive late at school, in the office, or in any appointment or important event. For sure, your teacher, your boss, or your friends and colleagues will all be delighted to that change because nowadays you can grab really cool gadgets that will help you keep track of time.  One of these is the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock.

Contrary to its name, this Executive Alarm Clock is designed not only for executives, professionals, or working people at that. But it can also be used by students and non-working people alike. So, let’s take for example, you and your stay-at-home-wife. With the “his & hers” feature of this clock on which you can set two separate 7-day alarm schedules, you and your wife will never be late again – you at your work and your wife in preparing stuff for you and the kids. And what’s even more exciting about this feature is that you can set each of those 14 alarms to a different time and ringtone, so you’ll know if it’s for you or for your wife.

But hey, the exciting features of this alarm clock don’t end there! If you have three schooling teens and kids, you can always take advantage of this to make sure that they wake up on time. Aside from the two 7-day alarm schedules, another 7-day bank is provided by this gadget, so that makes a total of 21 alarms. Cool, right? Now, where else can you find an alarm clock as exciting as this one? And not only that, it can also be easily customized and provides many other features like 20 digital radio presets, MP3 player input, and descending snooze.

The list of features for the American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock could actually go on and on. But to top them all, this alarm clock will simply just be the clock that will allow you to say no more “Better late than never”.

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