Nitelze LED Lead – The Illuminating Dog Lead

Dogs are man’s best friend, there’s no doubt about that. And so if you have one in your home, the best thing that you can do for your pet is to take dog training. Why? Because it is important that you have a direct communication with your pet in order to make it follow whatever you want it to do. However, training your dog to obey is not an easy task. You need to teach your dog some dog obedience training exercises like heeling on leash, sit, and stay. To do this, you need a device to lead your dog or to hold it in check. And this is where the Nitelze LED Lead comes in.
nitelze_led_leadThe Nitelze LED Lead is an illuminating dog lead that can be used mainly during walks, especially at night time. It allows you to control your dog from chasing people, cars, and other animals. But aside from that, it also serves as a valuable tool in your dog training and helps you exercise a greater degree of control over your dog’s behavior without being too aggressive. And since it glows in the dark, it will be easier for others to see your dog when you walk or train him during night time.

Here are the features of this illuminating dog lead:

– Bright RED Leds in flash or glow modes
– Flexible, light-up polymer core surrounded by strong nylon webbing
– Leash is 5 feet long total – glowing polymer extends 18 inches down from switch
– Strong rotating spring clip
– Weather resistant – enclosed switch
– Visible up to 1000 feet in the dark
– 150 hour replaceable battery- included
– 100,000 hour L.E.D. life

Want one for your dog training? Buy the Nitelze LED Lead now!

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