Nite Ize Dog Biscuit

Dogs are fun to be with. They make great companions during walks, camping, and other activities. Some people even consider them as part of the family. Indeed, it feels great to walk around the neighborhood or stroll along the beachfront with your beloved dog. But what if your pet starts to chase people and other dogs around? Or what if it starts chewing on things like your slipper, sofa, and others? Would you still feel great having a dog around? Why worry if you can do something to keep your dog from making a mess? The solution – the Nite Ize Dog Biscuit.
nite_ize_dog_biscuitThe Nite Ize Dog Biscuit, a.k.a. Discuit, may look like a conventional biscuit, but mind you, it’s not. It is actually made of soft-touch plastic and is designed to be mouth friendly and bite durable. It also glows in the dark, so even at night, your dog will have a grand time playing catch with you. And talking about playing catch, well this dog toy boasts superior flight and is water resistant so you can expect it to float when it lands on water.

No more worries about your dog making a complete mess in and outside your home. Also, you’ll be more confident that it will not go chasing people around. Because with Discuit, your dog will sure be busier than ever. It also includes long-life replaceable batteries, so your dog will have longer periods of fun and play with this gadget.

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