Nintendo Wii: New All Time Low – Price!

Nintendo WiiAttention gamers! If you have been saving up to get a brand new Nintendo Wii but still on the “I’m not quite there yet…” budget then there is great news waiting for you! Nintendo Wii just got some major price slash; now, buying this great gaming console won’t bleed your tight gamer’s wallet dry. Nintendo dropped the price of Wii from the original $249.99 to a whooping all time low of $199.99 only. That’s almost a $50.00 saving you can choose to keep or spend on an additional Wii game and accessory. You can easily take advantage of this steal of a deal in one of the many Nintendo Wii retailers like By getting your Wii from Amazon, you’ll get the benefit of online and hassle-free shopping plus multiple free shipping options.

Nintendo revolutionized the gaming industry when they first introduced Wii in 2005 and commercially launched it by the end of 2006. Wii is unique in a sense that it gave game interaction and immersion a whole new meaning. Using Wii demands more physical movements and involves gamers in a variety of 3 dimensional body movement; an anathema to the usual sedentary button mashing gaming lifestyle.
Nintendo Wii controller
The wireless controller alone is enough to separate the Wii among other consoles. The Wii Remote and the accompanying Nunchuk unit use accelerometers and infrared to control the game using both body gestures and button presses.

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