Nintendo DSi Does It Again

It’s only been four years since the launch of Nintendo’s awesome, interactive, and uber fun handheld console — and already we’ve seen three different DSs come our way. After our fun in the sun time with our beloved and colorful Nintendo DS Lite, now a newer version has entered the scenario. Just in time to get GTA: Chinatown Wars for some of you.


This handheld sequel isn’t a far cry from the DS Lite, though if you look closely it’s actually longer and slimmer — 12% to be exact. And instead of a glossy piano feel, we now have fingerprint-proof matte black. Unfortunately, retro gamers will not be able to plug in their GBA cartridges here anymore. But that’s alright, because the DSi now has an SD card slot. What’s that for you ask? Well, the DSi now has Wi-Fi capabilities plus a built-in browser. So you can surf the web, and go on the DSi download store. Yep, they’re creating an online store so you can directly download games into your swanky new SD memory card. Plus, to add to the fun, the Nintendo DSi has two cameras — one on the lid, and one inside on the hinge. So you can take picture of yourself or of other fellow gamers. Pretty soon, I believe there will be games developed that will take advantage of this camera feature.

So before we see another DS revamp, grab your Nintendo DSi here on Amazon now for only $169.99. While you’re at it, make sure you also have this nifty 18-in-1 DSi starter kit.

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  1. No GBA slot? No thanks then, ill stick to my current DS. Also the DSI wont play the RS cards, so anyone with those cards will find that they wont work on the DSI as Nintendo cracks down on piracy.

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