Fujitsu ST6012


For every technophile, the latest gadget in the market is a definite must-have. The latest in the notebook PC arena is the Fujitsu ST6012.

The Fujitsu ST6012 is a 12-inch tablet PC that comes with a number of extraordinary features combined with a TFT WXGA display with internal and outside wide views. Its incorporated with an Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300AGN (802.11a/b/g/draft-n), and Bluetooth connectivity.

Beneath the cover of the ST6012 is an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Ultra Low Voltage SU9400 and Intel Centrino 2 powered by Intel Pro Technology. In addition, it has a 1GB DDR3 MHz memory, as well as 80GB S-ATA 150, 5400 RMP hard drive2.

Its software comes with Genuine Windows Vista Business, extra Media with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, and Microsoft Office. It also boasts of a fingerprint sensor for added protection against unwarranted access, entrenched TPM, a Smart Card slot, as well as the Fujitsu Security Application Panel.

If that isn’t enough, the ST6012 comes with a camera and wireless USB.

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