NI-W810CS, NI-W750TS, NI-450TS – Irons with Unique Elliptical-Shaped Soleplate for Fast Ironing

Ironing clothes are part of our daily chores most especially if you work every day for a living. And in today’s technology, there are many cool gadgets to help you iron your clothing easily. The newest kind is from Panasonic. Panasonic introduces the Panasonic 360 degrees Quick Irons – three new models specifically designed for quick multidirectional movement.

The NI-W810CS iron model, a champagne/black colored model and the NI-W750TS iron, in silver/black, have 74 steam holes around the entire edge of the soleplate – a feature exclusive to Panasonic which helps remove the most stubborn wrinkles. Both Irons also have two features designed to protect both clothes and the iron: an anti-drip capability protects delicate fabrics from water spots; and an anti-calcium function that prevents mineral build-up inside your iron that can clog steam holes.

The top-of-the-line NI-W810CS sets itself apart from the other models with a scratch-resistant ceramic-coated soleplate which is six times more durable than stainless steel. The NI-W750TS has a durable titanium-coated soleplate. While the entry-model, the white and black NI-450TS, offers a titanium-coated soleplate with 33 steam holes around the front of the soleplate.41ogErd5CNL._AA280_

What do they have in common? They all offer more precise control for smoothing collars, cuffs, and those difficult areas around buttons. These new irons have a unique elliptical-shaped and oversized soleplate that is pointed on both ends, along with fatigue-reducing ergonomic design that allows smooth 360 degrees movement, thus ironing takes less time. Also, the bottom of the soleplate is slightly curved, which makes side-to-side movements smooth and easy.

You can get the Panasonic 360-Degree Quick Multi-Directional Steam Iron at

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