Next Generation Watch for the Next Generation Spy


Ever dreamt of becoming the next 007 agent? Well for adults the idea may be farfetched but for kids it’s a whole new different story, thanks to Wild Planet Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch! Now they can be Spy Kids, a Kid Next Door agent, Inspector Gadget, Kim Possible or even may be so Totally Spies. The list goes on and on.  Everything a kid spy would need is included in the watch, well, all except for the bathroom sink. The Wild Planet Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch boasts of an 8-in-1 spy-rrific features! Protected by its locking armor, the 10-inch long super gadget can ensure safety in missions with its built-in motion alarm with time stamp. No spy can ever be surprised in their sleep. It also has a decoder screen that decrypts spy messages for a more secure communication. Safe drop message capsules and specialized paper are included to give the best spy experience. Night vision light for night stakeouts, crosshairs for aiming at the bad guy, world time for missions all over the globe, and stopwatch to give the perfect timing and wake-up alarms for early morning mission preparation completes this one of a kind 007 gadget. The Ultimate Spy 8-in-1 Wrist gadget is truly the next spy’s best friend.

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